The School of Life


The School of Life

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This is a book to help us get over heartbreak by offering some context, some history, some psychology and a little philosophy. We learn about how our responses to abandonment are formed, what the best way to think about an ex might be and how to envisage future relationships when we are in despair. We come away gently cheered that we are not alone, consoled that our suffering will have an end – and intrigued by the endless and subtle sorrows and joys of relationships.

Topics Include:

  • Why Did They Leave Us?
  •  Attachment Theory – and Break-Ups
  • How Not to Be Tortured by a Love Rival
  • The Wider Context of Our Sorrow
  • Our Lover Was Not Unique
  • The Benefits of a Broken Heart

    Hardback book | 83 pages | 168 x 122 mm

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